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People keep asking us, ‘what are you going to do?’, now that we are closing our businesses.  The concept of running out to find a job is overwhelming.  My body wants to hyperventilate each time I look for jobs on-line.

So, I suggested to Jeani (my wife, and co-owner of our businesses), let’s take a vacation!

Nine years have passed without our taking more than 3 days away, and that was once for our Hand-fasting honeymoon, then another 3 days for our legal wedding honeymoon.  This time, I have suggested a whole WEEK to go to a few of the places we have wanted to go together, but have always put off because we couldn’t close shop for a week.

We have wanted to go to the Monterey Aquarium for ages, so we’ve found a great little B&B in Carmel, and will go to the Aquarium from there.  And I have never been to Big Sur (that I can remember), so we’ll stay in a funky little cabin in the redwoods, hike, and I’ll take artsy photographs!  I have also never been to Solvang, so we’ll spend a couple of days there, shop, and eat pastries!

So, to take our minds off the overwhelming fact that we’re running out of money; that our businesses will be gone; that we’ll have to find jobs so we can continue paying the mortgage; and, that our entire way of life will change…we’re going on vacation.  Hmmm, you might think, is this the best idea for your situation?

Well, sometimes one just has to take a two-footed leap into the void.  It’s the Viking way!  Sometimes, taking time for oneself, in the redwoods, in a funky little cabin is a great way to get ones berings.  It is important for a soul to satisfy the need for running off to see something new, to hold hands while walking through tourist traps, eat good food and drink good wine, and be in love.  We NEED to take time to let it all go, and, being at home will just make us edgier to figure out what we’re going to do.  That, I think, should come after we set our worries aside, for a week, recharge our batteries, and spend some quiet time together.

So, we’re planning our vacation, so we don’t have to think about reality.  Are we putting our heads in the sand?  Yes, on Carmel Beach!

We, for the most part, have always been “responsible” ones.  We have always been ‘there’ for others.  Most of our friends and customers knew just where to find us…at the shops…between noon and 7PM….ALWAYS.  Now, we won’t be there, and I wonder if all those friends and customers realize what this means.  We won’t be there.  Not there to suggest a good book, or to get herbs for your cold, or a candle for the Sabbat.  Not there if you’ve had an argument with your husband/wife and need some free counseling.  Not there leading ritual under a gorgeous full moon, when you don’t want to be a solitary witch.  Not there to HOWL with others.  Not there if you just want to hang out and talk to someone who cares.

It will be strange for all of us who realize what being a ‘raven’ (a regular at The Red Raven) means.  But for those who never really cared, they will just move on to another shop, or another set of friends, just because that’s what they do.  For a handful of us, it will be hard.  Like withdrawal.



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